Istra film is a production & production service company from Rijeka, Croatia.
Bernardin Modrić
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Tiha Modrić
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Istra film is a film production company and an artistic association of film workers from Rijeka and Zagreb, founded in 1987. Istra film co-operates with Croatian top professionals in different cultural and scientific fields.

Besides its own production, Istra film also functions as a production service company which helps international film producers to film their projects in Croatia.
Istra film helps navigate international filmmakers through practical production requirements, and support schemes available for international productions in Croatia. Istra film offers its international partners professional organization during preproduction and production, top HD equipment, English speaking experts and an unforgettable experience during filming in Croatia.


Our team of experts offers everything you need for your next production: location scouting, directing, recording, music composing, gear rentals, and more!

With its untouched nature, geographic diversity, historic sites and breathtaking landscapes, Croatia is becoming one of the most wanted places for shooting films. Although it is still a newly discovered market, its film producers are highly professional and always willing to share their knowledge and experience with their international colleagues. In case they manage to fulfill certain rules, foreign producers can receive a refund in amount of 20% of their total investment for filming in Croatia. Therefore, Croatia definitely has a lot to offer as a potential shooting location for international productions.

“Death At Vulkan” movie trailer

Requiem for the working class

In early 2010 a tragic accident claimed the life of a homeless man inside the abandoned porter lodge of the ‘Vulkan’ factory. An investigation discovered that the man was in fact a former employee of the aforementioned factory, but due to redundancy lost his job. At the same time another factory awaits bankruptcy and its definitive closure. Through the story of the fate of two men, this film wishes to illustrate all the symbolism of a tragedy in these wild and insatiable times of neoliberal capitalism in which workers are deceived, robbed and disgraced.